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Twitter testing voice tweets

Twitter is currently testing voice tweets on select iOS devices and could roll out to all users in a few weeks. When you compose a new tweet there will be a record option that will collect 140 seconds of audio. Tap the photo to hear the recording.

Busch beer selling a golden ticket

Well almost but not quite. Busch is selling a puzzle of Busch Guy holding a beer and once you put the puzzle together if he's holding a gold beer can than you win a $5,000 outdoor vacation. The 525 piece puzzle is sold online for $30, of which $5 from every puzzle sold is donated to the National Forest Foundation. Photos

Longoria takes a loss on house

Local fan favorite Eva Longoria took a big loss on her Hollywood home finally selling it for millions less than what she originally paid for it. She first put the property on the market in 2017 but it wasn't until April of this year that Douglas Elliman agents Joshua and Matthew Altman (yes the guys from Bravo tv's Million Dollar Listing LA) took on the property and finally got it sold. Longoria had purchased the property in 2015 from actor Tom Cruise.

Find your million dollar home at Elliman.com

Lori Loughlin and husband plead guilty

Actress Lori Loughlin and her husband have decided to plead guilty in the college admissions case. Loughlin is expected to serve 2 months in prison and her husband will serve 5 months. It can be anticipated that both will be out sooner.

Pizza Hut testing meatless meat

For one day only testing in Arizona Pizza Hut will introduce the Garden Specialty Pizza in a special round compostable box made of plant fiber. For just $10 the large Garden Specialty Pizza includes Morningstar Farms meatless Italian sausage, onions, mushrooms and banana peppers. Proceeds from the sales are being donated to a Phoenix sustainability group. Photos

In legal news...

Owner of the New England Patriots football team got caught up in a sex scandal after visiting a massage parlor in Florida. Video doesn't lie so what out guys, know the cameras are always rolling.

'Empire' actor Jussie Smollett gets written off the remaining episodes of the show after being arrested for filing a false police report which started a national reaction that's still going on.

R. Kelly is due in court March 8th after being charged with 10 counts of criminal sexual abuse when a video allegedly shows him having sex with a 14 year old girl.

Schlitterbahn has criminal charges dropped by a judge in the case against it, John Henry and designer John Schooley. The case is the result of a 17 story water slide that killed 10 year old Caleb Schwab.

Keurig moving and new product

Keurig the maker of K-cup coffees is moving their Plano office to Frisco, TX. home of the Dallas Cowboys practice field and other businesses. The Star in Frisco will be the new home for Keurig's 350,000 square foot building which will be used as a second headquarters for the company. The other HQ is in Massachusetts.

Keurig is also in the process of launching a new single-serve drink maker for cocktails. The Drinkworks Home Bar is expected to debut later this year at a price of $299.

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Roadhouse, McDonald's, Papa John's

And the winner is...Papa John's recently did a poll on Twitter for upcoming new pizzas and Hot Honey Chicken and Waffles won! A launch date has not yet been announced but keep an eye out for this one.

Texas Roadhouse raising prices again! After a bump up in prices last November the chain restaurant is increasing the prices on it's menu yet again. The president of the company could not rule out further price increases! If you like the Roadhouse you better bring that extra cash.

McDonald's Shamrock Shake is back for another St. Patrick's Day season. Now until March 24. Small, medium or Large sizes available.

The newest million dollar cat

Karl Lagerfeld recently died at the age of 85 yet his beloved cat Choupette lives on. It has been reported that Choupette has been listed as an heiress to his estimated £150-350 estate. However Choupette is no slouch. After being adopted in 2010 she went on to earn more that $4.7 million in 2014 becoming famous on her own with over 100,000 followers across social media.

Lindsay Lohan's new show airs Tuesdays on MTV

Lohan has started her show off with a bang! Jumping on employees and getting the best out of the best. Her new show is sure to make waves the entire season. Check it out Tuesday nights on MTV.


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Model Kelleth Cuthbert wows everyone

Wilhelmina model Kelleth Cuthbert did a gig for Fiji Water at this year's Golden Globes and she totally stole the show. As celebs walked the red carpet Kelleth was nearby and ending up getting in a lot of the photos taken. It almost seemed to be the point of the photographers getting her in the shots. She has wowed everyone.

Take a look at her lingerie looks


It's that time of year: Sexy Halloween Costumes

Lingerie site Yandy was criticized for selling a costume similar to Hulu's hit show The Handmaid's Tale. The costume called the "Brave Red Maiden" was selling for $64.95 before it was pulled off the site. See this and other sexy costumes.

Corona goes big for cannabis

The owner of Corona beer in the U.S. is expanding it's investment in cannabis company Canopy Growth. After making an investment in the company previously, Constellation Brands will invest another $5 billion for a 30% stake in the Canadian company with such well known brands such as Tweed, Spectrum, CraftGrow and of course the Leafs by Snoop which is a partnership with Snoop Dog

Corpus LNG trains ahead of schedule

Cheniere Energy is developing 3 trains for liquefied natural gas export. The first train is ready and the second is being built. A third train has been approved, as previously reported. There are more additions being added to their facility in Corpus Christi. This can only mean good news and more jobs for our area. Stay tuned for updates.

IVXX brand developing cannabis drinks

Cannabis brand IVXX has partnered with a beverage production company to produce cannabis-infused beverages. The drinks will include a sparkling water, lemon lime soda, apple cider, champagne and lemon margarita mix. Another product will include a single shot to be added to any drink or cocktail for at-home infusion.

Country Time Lemonade 'legal ade'

The makers of Country Time lemonade have started a campaign to help kids that get their lemonade stands shut down. Parents can apply for up to $300 to cover the cost of permits and fees for the kids lemonade stands. The program is call Country Time Legal Ade.

Now You See Me Live

You have seen the movies now see the live show. The creators of the films Now You See Me and Now You See Me 2 have kicked off a global tour of live show starting in China. Just like the movies the live show will center around four magicians.


Spurs' Silver Dancer no more

The San Antonio Spurs have decided to change to format of their all women dance team, the Silver Dancers, to be a more family friendly and co-ed "hype team" instead. Many fans are taking to social media to try and save the dancers.



Master's Golf is no Dilly Dilly

The Master's Golf tournament this weekend has banned several sayings one of which is Dilly Dilly, Anyone caught yelling Dilly Dilly will be tossed off the grounds. Not to be outdone Budlight issued a "proclamation" on Twitter and sent 1000 Dilly Dilly t-shirts to the event.

Cardi/Chrissy/RiRi Threesome?

A lot of people are talking about Cardi B's new album Invasion of Privacy this week and most of it has to do with Cardi's desire to get it on with Chrissy Teigen and Rihanna. In her "She Bad" track she proposes the threesome. Of course Chrissy's reaction was shock, no word from Rihanna as of yet.

"Hot Felon" expecting a baby with...

Jeremy Meeks the 34 year old felon turned model, known as the "Hot Felon" from his prison mugshot, is now expecting a baby. He has had modeling success following his release and has been involved with Topshop heiress Chloe Green.

Another Virgin goes up for sale

A 20 year old Australian woman is the latest person to put her virginity up for sale. Using the same German escort agency that gained notoriety in 2016 after an 18 year old Romanian model sold her virginity for 2 million pounds to a Hong Kong business man.

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Florida St. parties again, U of Miami sororities battle

Florida St. University lifts alcohol ban on fraternity and sororities with four weeks left in the Spring semester. The university had initiated the ban after the death of a fraternity pledge by alcohol poisoning last year.

Sororities at the University of Miami are dueling to the death. Delta Phi Epsilon tipped off administrators at the university to a hazing video of Delta Gamma. The Delta Gamma sorority has now been suspended. The two sororities have a long standing rivalry.

see sorority videos

Popular Texas restaurants expand

Punch Bowl Social with locations around the country including Austin, TX. has plans to expand to several major cities. Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, San Diego among several other cities.

Velvet Taco continues expansion taking over a spot in Dallas at 3411 McKinney Avenue. The new location is expected to open in September. A current business at the location is closing it's doors March 31st. The all day menu features food, drinks and deserts made from scratch. 65 new employees will be hired for the location.

Remington guns get a loan

Remington Outdoor doing business as Remington Arms recently filed for bankruptcy but a federal judge has approved a $75 million loan for the gun maker to continue operations. Remington, America;s oldest gun maker, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy March 25th.

Port officials ask for more money

Port of Corpus Christi officials went to Congress to ask for more funding recently. The Republican led Congress has only approved $13 million of the $225 million needed to dredge the ship channel. Port officials are looking for increased funding of the $327 million project to expand the port.

Penthouse 'Supper' Club

Penthouse Magazine plans on opening what it calls a 'Supper' club in it's office building in Australia. The company says it's not a bar and not a strip club, but they will have "very attractive" male and female employees. The club a place for people to dine and drink will be open to the public if they follow the dress code. The decor will be extravagant.


National Enquirer scandal

Trouble appears to be brewing at the National Enquirer as it was revealed the chief editor was investigated in 2012 for sexual harassment. American Media Inc. (AMI), which owns the Enquirer, confirmed that Dylan Howard was investigated in 2012 but was essentially welcomed back to AMI as chief content officer. A number of complaints were made accusing Howard of harassing women at work, making explicit comments about women and making female employees watch porn, It has also been reported that he encourage female workers to have sex with their sources in order to land a story.

Pizza Hut and McDonalds

Pizza Hut is testing beer delivery service in Arizona. Wine is expected to be added in January and expanded trials throughout 2018. But you can expect to pay a bit for this as a 6-pack of Bud will run you around $10.

McDonalds is bringing back it's dollar menu but adding $2 and $3 items to it as well.

Big food news

What has been rumored for a few weeks now has now become a reality. Roark Capital, the private equity firm that owns Arby's, has agreed to purchase all of Buffalo Wild Wings. Buffalo Wild Wings has been a publicly traded company under the symbol BWLD.

In even bigger food news TGI Fridays has agreed to roll out the Beyond Burger from Beyond Meat. Beginning in January 2018 the plant-based burger will be available in 465 locations as part of Friday's revamped Burger Bar.

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NFL player confirms selling drugs

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon confirmed to SI that during his playing days at Baylor University in Waco, Texas he was making $10,000 a month selling weed. He traveled throughout the lone star state selling weed that he received in the mail from his dealer back home.

Read the full article from KCEN tv news

A new American Princess

The British Royal family has confirmed the engagement of American actress Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

Fun Foods

Kit Kat and Doritos have come out with more new products but some are only available overseas. In Japan Kit Kat is setting up vending machine that you can attach your phone or memory card to and will allow you to customize your Kit Kat. The use of these machines are only 400 Yen ($3.50 more or less) and of course include the green tea Kit Kat bar. Other flavors of Kit Kat have included sake, wasabi and sushi. Machines are being tested in Kyoto, Japan pending a nationwide rollout. See photos

Here in the states Doritos have created Crunch Nuts and Crunch Mix. The product is available in nacho cheese and cool ranch flavors. Costs around $1.99 each.

See photos

Lingerie company tells people to grow up

An Australian lingerie company is upset that people have started a petition accusing their new holiday ad campaign of being pornographic. The ads seen here feature beautiful women in lingerie with Santa and at an office party. A group started a petition shared on Facebook to get the ads taken down. The company's response: "It's 2017, it's time to grow up."

see photos

In Stripper news

Scarlett's Cabaret and Tootsie's are hosting a golf tournament for hurricane relief December 18th; Cheetah clubs in Florida are giving away 3,000 free turkeys for Thanksgiving to families in need; New York strippers go on strike.

A growing number of club owners around the country are bringing in popular Instagram girls to be "guest" bartenders and bottle girls. Dancers are upset at splitting tips however club owners believe this gimmick is attracting new customers.

Svedka Vodka will haunt you this Halloween

Svedka started an ad campaign that may scare people. Using banner ads and cookies Svedka will follow you around until you submit. Messages will appear saying "I like following you around" or "You shouldn't be up this late". Until you click the banner and tag a friend to take over "the curse". See photos

visit Svedka Vodka

Heineken Blade

Heineken beer company has launched the Blade. A countertop beer keg. The machine holds an 8L keg along with other sizes. All we know is we want one! See photos

Strip Club helps sheriff's Department

In the Sacramento area a local strip club is hosting a topless car wash on Saturday to raise money for two injured sheriff's deputies. While the Sheriff's department tries to distance themselves from the event there is nothing they can do to stop it as it is not illegal. The car wash does have to take place under a tent with side screens so the general public would not be able to see topless girls.

Remarkably many Houston and Miami clubs, restaurants already reopen after hurricanes

All Houston area Bombshells restaurants & bars have reopened. Bombshells locations in Dallas and Austin collected truckloads of donations for Houston organizations.

see the girls of Bombshells

XTC Cabaret in south Houston suffered significant flood damage and will close 4-6 weeks for remodeling.

Tootsie's Cabaret in North Miami-Dade county and Scarlett's Cabaret in Pembroke Park, FL. have both  reopend.


Travel company promotes website using nude models

A travel company in Kazakhstan runs ad featuring nude models. And ladies don't worry they didn't forget you running the same ad with male models. Some people on Twitter were not happy ad called the ad sexist. Judge for yourself and post on our Facebook page what you think.

 See photos


Gumption launches Citrus Freak

Gumption Hard Cider as added a new member to it's Circus of Ciders by launching Citrus Freak. A semi-dry cider with a bold citrus taste. It's the second year around option available in a six pack of 12 oz. longneck bottles. See photos

Reebok introduces male romper

Male rompers known as "romphims" hit the internet like a storm this week. Now Reebok is looking to capitalize on the trend by introducing the Reeromp by Reebok. Described as a "fashionable and functional one-piece outfit" will be available soon but for a limited time only, priced at $89.


Could more area jobs be coming

Cheniere acquires rights to an additional 404 acres of land near it's LNG facility in Corpus Christi, which could help it double in size. A lot of this speculation depends on the U.S. relationship with China, a major buyer of LNG.


TX Supreme court and TABC just cost Texas a billion dollars in business

A state that claims to be the champion of business has a ridiculous law called the "tied-house" law which basically prohibits a retail business that sells alcohol from being owned by companies that have an interest in liquor companies. In this case it came down to a subsidiary of FEMSA which owns and operates the OXXO convenience stores in Mexico and just so happens to hold a 20% investment in a major beer company. FEMSA had planned to open roughly 900 OXXO stores in Texas and invest nearly $1 billion in the process. But the TABC blocked those plans and the Texas Supreme Court has now ruled in favor of the TABC applying the "tied-house" law. Thus stopping consumers from having more choices and increased tax revenues for Texas.


Strip club company expands again

 Houston based RCI Hospitality, formerly known as Rick's Cabaret, has seen a big expansion over the years. Buying additional strip clubs as well as expanding into the "breastaurant" segment of the casual dining industry with Bombshells restaurants. The company will deny they are in the breastaurant category but it is to their benefit. Regardless this company has really come of age earning the respect of Wall Street as a publically traded company. Known as one of the "sin" stocks they have seen their shares rise along with the expansion of clubs. Just this month they invested in the St. Louis, MO area then purchased one of the largest and most well known clubs in the country Scarlett's Cabaret in Miami. Spending a whopping $26 million to acquire Scarlett's club, added real estate and overall brand name. The company CEO says they are not stopping, more acquisitions could happen if the deals are right. Could one or more clubs in Corpus be next for expansion, stay tuned.


No Texas did not legalize marijuana

Sorry to dash your 4/20 dreams but Texas did not just legalize marijuana as stories circulated over Easter weekend. Dallas along with several other cities including Corpus have approved cite and release programs or cut back on jailing offenders for minor marijuana possession. But stories running last weekend claim the State of Texas had approved marijuana use and the first dispensaries would be opening here in Corpus. Our friends at the Bonilla Law firm confirmed that was not even close to being true and the story was in fact fake news from a prank website.

Meanwhile in Oregon, a recreational marijuana state, they will deliver to your house!

Amber Rose and the club

We don't usually report on Amber Rose but reports of her buying a strip club in LA are all over the place. This is because she spoke out at the All Def Movie Awards saying she bought the legendary club. Now the Ace of Diamonds club is suing her for $1 million. Rose claims not to be worried as she formed the Ace of Diamonds, Inc. and filed for trademark protection. According to reports she plans on opening a new location in a month or so.



Fee the nipple wins

In court that is. Fort Collins, CO. (that's Colorado for those who don't know) issued a law that any female 10 years old or older who knowingly appears in public exposing the top of her areola and nipple shall be in violation. The good people at Free The Nipple sued and WON! The reasoning is that the new law ONLY applied to women and not all people.


UT students protest guns on campus with "Cocks Not Glocks" campaign

Thousands of University of Texas students are expected to participate in an protest on UT Austin campus beginning Aug. 24th thru Sept. 6th against guns on campus. The students plan to distribute thousands of free dildos and sell $15 t-shirts. Speakers will be in the West Mall at noon and then a national television filming event will take place at 2 pm.


Texas woman falls overboard on Carnival Cruise

A mother of four from Arlington fell overboard on a Carnival cruise ship and it was caught on video. The Coast Guard is currently searching for Samantha Broberg who fell off the ship early Friday morning 195 miles of the coast of Galveston.


Rob K. and Blac Chyna expecting a baby

Shortly after announcing their engagement, Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna announced they were expecting a baby. Things move very fast in that relationship, but when you have a rich sucker on the line you have to lock it down fast. Get that prenup Rob!


Kardashian gets engaged

Rob Kardashian has proposed to his girlfriend Blac Chyna after just a few months of dating. And what better way to celebrate by taking his future mother-in-law to a strip club. The couple and mom hit a strip club in LA to celebrate the big event.


And in porn news...

First Playboy decided no nude women in it's flagship magazine and now Penthouse is closing print publication. Of course many of us thought they had done so long ago since the bankruptcy of the company but apparently not.

The sad news to start off the new year was word that the famous Playboy mansion was up for sale, a mere $200 million and Hef gets to stay there until he dies.

Finally Virtual Reality (VR) may save the porn industry after all. Studios that produce porn are seeing "a bit of a turnaround" thanks in part to VR, according to a CNBC report. We will be keeping a close eye on this issue as the Adult Entertainment Expo opens in Las Vegas Jan. 20th.

The Best Recovery Drink

Svedka Bloody Delicious Jalapeno Bloody Mary

3 oz. Svedka Grapefruit Jalapeno vodka (2 shots)

4 1/2 oz. V8 vegetable juice (3 shots)

2 teaspoons horseradish sauce

3 dashes sriracha

2 dashes Worcestershire sauce

4 celery stalks

put all ingredients in shaker, cover and mix

fill glass with ice, pour in mixture


Holiday Sex Do's and Don'ts

Ever year we catch an article or two regarding holiday sex and this year is no exception. This year we got some tips from GQ magazine on having sex at the in-laws house. Most the tips are common sense like wait until late night and simply don't get caught. But it is good to keep in mind it's probably not the best time to try new stuff and while it may be your partners childhood home GQ suggests that you don't involve "kids' stuff" by that they mean your high school cheerleader outfit or old football uniform. However we think that's the best part, so we say go for it. Share you memories and fun on our Twitter or Facebook page

Kylie, Tyga & the 14 year old model

Ok we know most everyone is sick of the Kardashians and Jenners but even we were a bit shocked to hear the latest Kylie/Tyga drama. So Tyga got busted cheating on Kylie with some porn star lady, he sent her naked photos or something. Anyway now he's busted again but texting a 14 year old model. We all know how teens can be especially at certain schools in Corpus, it's just common knowledge. But when you have someone like Kylie Jenner is it worth cheating at all, even for jailbait? Hit us up on Facebook and Twitter to let us know your thoughts.

Then there's this guy...

A Saudi businessman living in London gets off a rape charge after explaining he fell penis first inside an 18 year old woman. The man had been partying with this girl and her "older" 24 year old friend, they went back to his place where he had sex with the "older" friend. While we can only guess during the middle of sex he takes a break to check on the younger woman, he claims he tripped, was falling and she grabbed him pulling him to her. He was already erect so it must have been peaking out his shorts he claims and he just perfectly slid inside her. She claims she was sleeping on the couch when she suddenly woke up he was on top of her. Regardless the jury believed enough of his story and he is acquitted of the rape charges.

Local "newspaper" sold again

The Caller-Times local "news" rag some people call a "newspaper" has changed owners yet again. It appears nobody really wants this trash. Currently owned by a company called Journal Media which was kicked out of the Scripps Group, now being bought by the parent company of USA Today, Gannett Co., after that company split in two. Local channel 3 is owned by Tegna (not to be confused with Tenga Global a manufacturer of sex toys) which used to be a part of the Gannett Company. Confused yet?

Priest suspended for cake sitting porn with school principal

A Greek Orthodox priest in New York has been suspended after making cake sitting porn videos with the school principal. The husband of the principal finally blew the whistle on them. Videos of the two have surfaced and yes we have some still shots!

J.J. Watt and Mannings bros bring back Gatorade with sweat

"McDonald's Goddess"

People are going crazy in Taiwan over part time employee they have dubbed the "McDonald's Goddess" aka WeiWei. The doll face beauty has been causing a stir for some time. For the past few years the McDonald's she works at allows employees to dress in costumes see video including maids, cheerleaders and favorite cosplay characters. She draws a big crowd and now has a combined Facebook and Instagram following of over 150,000.

See photos

Just more #SummerOfLust

2015 the #SummerOfLust

update: One more addition to our #SummerOfLust list is Megan Fox separating from Brian Austin Green. Let the lusting for the newly single mom of two begin!

Lots of sex news with former Subway spokesperson Jared Fogle now officially charged with having sex with a minor, soliciting minors for sex and possession of child porn. One report noted he had sex with at least 14 minors.

update: Fogle's wife now seeking a divorce.

On another note the FDA has approved the "female Viagra" drug which is suppose to boost sex drive in women. The drugs actual name is Addyi. There is a warning with the drug, when drinking alcohol there is an increased risk of low blood pressure and fainting.

Miley Cyrus, her girlfriend model Stella Maxwell and Paris Hilton sex it up in an editorial photo shoot for W magazine. See photos on Fashionista Gossip page #FashionsitaGossip

Finally the Ashley Madison hackers have posted their information. You may recall news stories and late night jokes about the cheating website AshleyMadison.com and hackers getting information on millions of users. Now that information has been posted online. 32 million names, addresses, credit card numbers, and email addresses along with the usual crazy sex stuff they like. The company that runs Ashley Madison also operates Cougar Life and Established Men sites.


Lots of legal related new to start the week

Monday false rumors circulated that tejano singer Selena Quintanilla's killer was found dead in prison. Of course this turned out to be not true as we suspected since no other news organization carried the info. KSAT San Antonio was the only one so far to even mention the rumor.

Locally here in Corpus another attorney gets in trouble. Ronald Kyle Hinkle was suspended for 3 months and has to pay $10,000.

updated: Finally on Tuesday police investigating the shooting of a local judge. Judge Jack Hunter was shot Monday night/early Tuesday morning and is in the hospital. Word out there is an ex-girlfriend may be responsible. An unidentified woman was present when police arrived at the shooting.

More Problems for Twin Peaks Waco

After the massive shooting this weekend between rival biker gangs that left at least 9 people dead, Twin Peaks restaurant Waco is getting hit even more. The TABC has suspended it's liquor license for at least the next seven days and now corporate has pulled the franchise agreement with the location. Meanwhile the franchise is still on track to open here in Corpus. Applications are still be accepted.

After 2 years former player gets revenge

Former Ole Miss basketball player Marshall Henderson vowed revenge against sports reporter Erin Andrews after she tweeted in 2013 about Henderson's suspension for failed drug test. At the time he vowed to never forget. Fast forward to now and Andrew's current boyfriend gets busted for drugs so Henderson tweets her about her boyfriend getting busted. See the exchange on SBnation

Sterling's wife get her revenge

Donald Sterling, the former owner of the LA Clippers, was busted after his mistress/girlfriend taped his racist rants. Now his wife, Shelly Sterling sued his mistress and was awarded money, gifts and property Sterling gave his mistress which include a $1.8 million home and a Ferrari. No word yet on the mistress' reaction. Shelly Sterling was said to be very excited.

Dallas signs former Panther Greg Hardy

The Dallas Cowboys have signed DE Greg Hardy, formerly of the Carolina Panthers, to a 1 year $11 million deal. You may recall Hardy was charged with beating his girlfriend, Nicole. A judge found him guilty, Hardy then asked for a jury trial until the charges ended up being dropped because his ex-girlfriend refused to cooperate with authorities. See photos of Hardy's mugshot and ex-girlfriend Nicole.

Lingerie Football League ex-player sues boss

Lotti Bluemner, formerly of the Los Angeles Temptation, is a 31 year old model who is suing her former boss, Hollywood investor Erik Gordon, for $13 million. Among her allegations is that she let him snort cocaine off her bare breast out of fear should would lose her $90,000 assistant job. She also alleges she had to "babysit" strippers and prostitutes, act as his wing woman to pick up hot girls, that is until she stopped helping and then got fired six weeks from her pregnancy due date. Gordon claims the charges are untrue and claims it was Bluemner who stole $1,200 from him. See photos

Viacom wins 'Dating Naked' lawsuit

Yes there is or was a tv show called 'Dating Naked' where as you can guess people went on dates completely naked. The show appeared on VH1 so of course all private parts were blurred out. However on one occasion a scene was not and viewers got an eye full (see photos). A contestant on the show, Jessie NNizewitz, a former stripper, had all her lady parts shown nationwide. She sued Viacom, the owner of VH1, and producers of the show. A judge this week ruled against her stating in part she signed a consent form to be on the show. As you can see from the photos the participants aren't shy about nudity. See photos

Dallas ebola nurse to file lawsuit

Reports coming out of Dallas suggest that Dallas ebola nurse Nina Pham is filing a lawsuit Monday against Texas Presbyterian Hospital. She will allege a failure by the hospital to protect her, suffering of side effects from treatment as well as unknown future complications. See photos

Store owner tries to sell molotov cocktails

A store owner in Japan got the attention of local authorities by selling fake molotov cocktails. The empty Kirin beer bottles were on sale for 100 Yen or about .84 cents in U.S. dollars. The owner was issued a warning for creating a stressful environment. Can you imagine that in the U.S.? Not the fake bombs but a police warning for creating a stressful environment! Not all is lost however, after pictures were posted on Twitter one company got a big boost after a sticker on the wall got people's attetntion for Skullshit clothing, a Tokyo based fashion line that makes clothes for kids and adults. See photos

Taco Bell crazy collaboration

The internet is a buzz about Taco Bell testing out a new desert in collaboration with Cap'n Crunch.  The doughnut hole desert is cream-filled with the outside covered in crushed Cap'n Crunch berries cereal. Many expect it to be a big hit in all the states that have passed new marijuana laws. See photos

Other branded partnerships Taco Bell has entered this past year include: Sriracha Quesarito, biscuit tacos, flamin' hot fritos dip, Starburst smoothies and Cinnabon Delights coffee.

Cottonelle new ads #GoCoomando

In new ads and social media post Cottonelle toilet tissue is encouraging people to go commando (no underwear). While it implies their tissue makes you so clean you can go without underwear we wondered how many people go commando on a regular basis. Visit us on Facebook to discuss when you #GoCommando and why. Be on the lookout this week for photos of people going commando in our photo gallery and submit your own commando post or people you think are going commando.

50 Shades of Grey drives women to porn

Hit movie 50 Shades of Grey opened this weekend in theaters and to add to its controversy a study has shown that women are looking for more sexually explicit material. Researchers at a Canadian university interviewed several women on their porn habits. The book sold over 100 million copies.

Former 16 & Pregnant cast member busted for prostitution

Valerie Fairman who appeared on season 2 of MTV's 16 & Pregnant show has been arrested for prostitution. Now 21 years old, Fairman was caught in an undercover sting with 7 others walking the streets in Delaware.

Cosmo loves kinky sex stories

Another women's magazine, Cosmopolitan, loves to talk sex and not just how to sex but naming the top 12 hand jobs girls give guys along with a nice discussion on rimming. What's rimming you ask, that's simply licking the butthole of your partner. And yes girls rim guys.

In case your were still wondering about 12 hand jobs these are some of the names: "I have no interest in blowing you right now so this will have to do" hand job; the "I'm too tired to do anything else" hand job: the hand job with spit: and the "I'm on my period sympathy hand job"

How to have hot sex at your parent's house?

Women's Health magazine tells us how to still have hot sex while staying with your parents over the holidays. But before you get too excited realize it's Women's Health magazine. Suggestions include women wear their sexiest underwear such as a lacy thong or red bra, then flash your partner. Another suggestion is sexting or making out in the car. The only worthwhile suggestion is waking up early or simply having sex while everyone sleeps, still have to keep noise level down. Also the quickie shower sex works as well.

Cheniere Energy has good couple weeks

Cheniere Energy is building an liquefied natural gas terminal here in Corpus and has already signed a 20 year distribution agreement with an energy company in Portugal. Deliveries are not expected to begin until 2019. This deal comes right after a 15 year pipeline deal with Kinder Morgan. All of which means good high paying jobs for Corpus!

Corpus attorney arrested for solicitation of capital murder

Back in May of this year local attorneys Paul Andrews and Keith Gould were indicted in Bexar County for barratry, which is the illegal solicitation of clients. Today Paul Andrews was arrested by Texas Rangers on solicitation of capital murder. He had attempted to hire someone to kill a witness.

Jerry Jones Photo Scandal

The New York Post and other media outlets have reported on an alleged scandal involving Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones and some rather racy photos with two women in a restroom. The photos depict a married Jerry Jones groping a woman's breasts and another of a women practically going down on the guy. The photos were posted on Twitter by what sounds like a real nut job. There are no dates as to when the photos were taken. See the photos

Gannett splits in two

Gannett Corporation, the parent company of local Corpus Christi tv station KIII tv 3, is splitting itself into two companies. One company will cover newspapers like USA Today and the other company will host broadcasting, like channel 3, and internet properties like the recent acquisition of Cars.com. In other media news 21st Century Fox has withdrawn is bid to acquire Time Warner media.

Softcore porn coming to Concrete Street in the form of the Suicide Girls burlesque show. Don't know about the Suicide Girls here are a few NSFW samples and see the video!

Shakira post a video on her Facebook page of her and her child talking about the Declaration of Independence, as they move camera around there is no security, no one around her see video here

We are all sitting around the pool this weekend, eating our Whatafries and drinking Corona beer from Mexico when someone reads the bag and realizes Whatafries are made in Spain and shipped here via Nuevo Laredo, Mexico. Just an interesting fact since Whataburger and the H.E.B. we bought them from are both Texas based. Enjoy!


Our new BFF is Scout Willis, daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis who is starting an Instagram and Twitter campaign objecting to the fact that nudity is forbidden, We could agree more! Although we have found plenty of porn on Twitter and currently don't have an Instagram account we believe the internet should be completely free and open. See Scout's photos and tweet #FreeTheNipple

Major League Baseball (MLB) goes to Australia and people are charged $40 Australian dollars for a 24" All American super dog (that's $36.32 US). How much are you paying for food at local games? Is a super dog worth $30-40? Visit our Facebook page and tell us what you think.

You may not know her name yet but you probably have seen photos of her butt which are all over the internet. Twenty-year-old Jen Selter has finally signed with an agency to get endorsement deals, a fitness video, books and broadcast deals along with upcoming Super Bowl appearances. Congrats to Jen's butt er we mean to Jen for finally taking her butt to the next level. Wait does that mean no more free butt photos?

We have to hand it to Busty Camerella who noted on her Facebook page that it was a #boobquake that helped the Seahawks win. See her inspirational photo

See the "football" twerk video we're not sure what's worse the kids in it or the fat chicks, but hey we don't judge people. See photos or Go to video

We have a very informative video on how to wax your skis, guys will enjoy it but the tips are every useful. Worth watching whether you are going skiing this year or not. Go to video

Jim Beam is turning Japanese!

The company that makes Jim Beam bourbon, Maker's Mark, Sauza tequila, Canadian Club and Courvoisier is being sold to a Japanese company that makes Midori liqueur (see additional photos). It reminded us of the 80s song see video here. The huge deal is valued at over $16 billion (including debt). We are more Jack Daniels guys anyway.

Miami will have Florida's first 24 hour cabaret and nightclub called E11even. The club opening next week is hosting a casting call for the filming of Entourage the movie based off the hit HBO series Entourage according to our friends at EPM West Talent. The original cast of the HBO show will be in the movie. For those interested in the casting call visit EPMWG.com

Do you think Corpus Christi will ever have a 24 hour nightclub? Visit our Facebook page to leave your comments

Canada's Supreme Court decides that laws restricting prostitution are unconstitutional. Brothels will be fully legal as well as street solicitation unless the legislature makes changes within the next year. Not sure how successful prostitutes are as we have always heard strippers cross the boarder to come to the US to work our clubs. But hell at least prostitutes aren't out killing baby seals!

For the girls: Joe Boxer guys did a Kmart Christmas commercial playing Jingle Bells with their junk see video; For the guys: Justin Beiber has a house party of strippers and rumor is people had to sign a $3 million dollar release still word came out that strippers were all over the place and the other girls got so jealous they decide to get naked too, here is what we think it looked like (NSFW/nudity)

A British e-cigarette company had it's ads banned by the Ad Authority there so they did what any company would do...they made a new ad to comply with all appropriate standards but then got a hot model and made sure it was as raunchy and sexually charged as it could be see videos

 Oh no she didn't...Miley Cyrus in the news again, everyone talking about her Halloween costume imitating Lil' Kim from years back. Although we her Lil' Kim quite ok with it, going as far as saying she wants to grab a little of Miley's little boob! See photos (NSFW)

The Australian Supreme Court has denied a female civil servant's claim for compensation for an injury while having sex on work trip. The injury occurred after a light fixture fell on the woman and her colleague while they were having sex. The woman, who initially was granted benefits, stated she suffered physical and psychological harm after the light fitting was "pulled" off it's mount. Must have been a wild ride. Regardless the Supreme Court has now denied the benefits stating in part that the woman's employer did not encourage her to participate in such activity that led to the injury. What stories to you have about office sex? Share you comments on our Facebook page

Pennsylvania naked haunted house gets revised. After issuing a challenge to visitors to try to make it thru the haunted house naked, the owner and city came to an agreement that at least underwear would be worn due to families and possibly younger kids being around. It was initially an "after hours" challenge to those 18 and older but city leaders believed younger teens would still be around during the event so all agreed to modify the challenge. Should a Corpus haunted house try such an event? Visit our Facebook page to share your comments

Oracle software company is refusing to pay a $33,540 bill "racked" up by employees on a company credit card. Given the fact that they used an American Express card you can be sure someone will end up paying some money. We'll keep you updated.

Dallas area restaurant also being called a "breastaurant" which is featured in a "reality" show on MTV pulled a brief stunt of body painting the waitresses but after word got out in the national news a city ordinance was passed banning the practice. See photos (NSFW)



Grandma can't buy her bondage items on Sears anymore after the retailer pulled items off it's website. But according to people there are still some things you can still find. See NSFW photos


The story of lawsuits by music video models/dancers was brought up by TMZ saying the full showing of boobs should result in $10 million for each models. However TMZ only linked to the edited YouTube video that doesn't quite give you the full effect. Check out the full unedited video (NSFW)

As the Summer heats up across the country the women in New York go all out when it comes to enjoying the outdoors and reading. The topless book club hit the parks of New York and other hot spots around town. Could you imagine a topless book club in Corpus parks? Visit our Facebook page to leave your comments. Photos are very NSFW!!


Bang with Friends is in full swing on Facebook and just like the name states the app will help you find friends to bang! But these are not complete strangers, oh no, these are your current friends on Facebook (whether you really know them or not is on you). You and your "friends" install the app. You pcik which friends you want to bang. If your friends also pick you then the app will connect you two online so y'all can "connect" offline. Get it. The app has just released an iPhone and Android app as well. Good luck! see photos


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